Monday, December 12, 2011

Another bunch of DLFers

Part 1 was spontaneous. This one took the whole final exams to come up with.

"Well...papers are going past now, thick and fast" Ravi Shastri on finals.

"B grade on Av+15, now this could be touch and go!" Ravi Shastri on BITSian grades

"The IC isn't very smart but he throws a heavy question-paper" Ravi Shastri on BITS.

"The students in LT1 are on the edge of their seats!" Ravi Shastri on BITSians in an OPTI exam

"Both the student and the discipline had a chance today but in the end, non-consensual sex was the real winner!" Ravi Shastri on rape*.

The real winner is always the bigger picture.

Happy Holidays!

*Forgive the language, but the situation made the usage necessary.

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