Saturday, August 28, 2010

Let's call it a day...

The origins of the weekend are interesting...
Since time immemorial, a day of the seven day week has been reserved for rest.
Most of the world observed this day on a Sunday(primarily as a day of prayer in countries
where Christianity was widespread) while the middle-east observed their rest day on
Friday(traditionally the Islamic day of prayer). But the concept of 5 day weeks
which is popular in countries like Australia, England and USA is a fairly recent
development. It all began with the American labour unions trying to accommodate
Saturday in the rest days as most Jewish workers took their Sabbath on this day, instead
of Sunday. Their appeal was successful and a cotton mill was the first to adopt a 5 day week.
Pretty soon, biggies like the Ford Motor Company started having 5 day weeks and the
concept caught on.
In the 1970s a disc-jockey at a pub in Ohio came up with a rather iconic phrase which
we have come to associate with the beginning of a weekend, "Thank God! It's Friday!".
Today, the weekend buzz begins on Fridays itself, with workplace chit-chat topics
dominated by people's weekend plans. Plans for unwinding, catching up and recharging
for the week to follow. Saturday nights are game and pub nights! Sunday is for time with
your loved ones and both days are a chance to exercise your lazy bones!

Now, why am I suddenly so infatuated by the weekend?
Cos my weeks ends only at 4pm on a Saturday... :(


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