Saturday, May 14, 2011


I love arrival halls at international airports.
It is one of the few places where you can see extremely honest emotions.

When the American relatives arrive and the entire family is there to receive them and the adults all exchange greetings and the little kids grab the bags full of chocolates while taking in their jeans and t-shirt clad relatives;

When someone in the family performs Hajj and the entire family proudly comes to receive that person, asking for a share of the blessings, while the respect for the person becomes so palpable;

When the husband returns from a foreign business trip and his face lights up when he meets his wife and they end their pangs of separation;

The anxious and judging look in the eyes of foreigners as they take in the sights around them. Anything and everything they heard about the place, they try to find it or look for a thing to disprove it;

The searching eyes of each and every individual as he/she tries to find a familiar face amongst the several faces beyond the fence, hoping with everything that someone wants them;

The fact that in that small area are people of so many different cultures and beliefs, ideas and thoughts;

It is quite fascinating.
Perhaps just as fascinating as travelling itself is.

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  1. I always love seeing these sights, bbay international airport ka ekdum sahi description diya hai !!