Thursday, August 4, 2011

Howler List

1. Ian Bell was frigging out.

2. Who the frigging cares about the spirit of cricket!

3. Outside of the SCG, Rahul Dravid is the best Indian batsman overseas.

4. Harbhajan Singh has not made anything large in his life. A vast majority of his 400 wickets have come on square turners in the subcontinent.

5. Can we bring back Anil Kumble? He took 500+ wickets without turning the ball anywhere!

6. What the hell is wrong with Mahendra Singh Dhoni? Stuart Broad has scored more runs, taken more wickets and held on to more catches than him.

7. Arul Suppiah scored more runs in that Practice match for Somerset than Sachin, Mukund, and Raina in the series. And he is Malaysian!

8. It feels strange to say this but Sreesanth is actually the best fast bowler India has. Unfortunately, he is also our best dancer and antics man...sigh.

9. Someone please take Sourav Ganguly out of the commentary box.