Saturday, November 26, 2011


The Process of "Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di" Addiction:

1. You hear this tune for the first time from your neighbour's room.
2. You D/L the video yourself and listen to it.
3. You Google Shruti Haasan (If you are on BITSNet, while it googles, see the vid again)
4. Now that you know everything Wiki knows about her, see it again a few more times.
5. Now you can even hum a few words of the song and you think you know a Tamil song even though it's almost completely in English.
6. Now you check if she is on twitter. (Again, if BITSNet, then Video->Play).
7. You Temporarily change your Windows 7 desktop wallpaper theme to a bunch of recently d/l Shruti Haasan pics.
8. Now you scan the net (StumbleUpon, FunnyJunk, Blogs etc.) for any article, write-up, comic, funny pics etc. on the song. This is about when you actually bother to ask what exactly is a Soup Boy. You learn the stuff while playing the vid on loop.
9. You realize you've identified enough stages to make a blog post. You play the vid a few more times.

WARNING: This picture induces an irresistible need to use Google.


  1. Nice one...keep it up...
    shruti haasan - _/\_

  2. ha ha! good one man! but shruthi haasan...dp wallpaper...seriously??

    PS: The composer is my school junior!

  3. @aish: yeah i'm aware of that... and all these states are not necessarily what I went through!