Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Buzzing!!

BITS-Pilani Goa campus students witnessed a rather epic and record making activity over the last four days.

Google Buzz is a service provided as an add on to works somewhat like twitter where you post things and those following you can view and express their opinions about it through comments. It also has a like button(FB anyone?).
Now a few days back I had a comprehensive exam paper in a monstrous and frankly useless course(not for me actually :| ) named Mechanics of Solids, or as we fondly like to refer to it, MoS. The subject is but a test of your fingers agility and not of your understanding of how slender members bear loads. A person expert at doing quick calculations on a calculator(with precision mind you) is more likely to be a high scorer than someone with short stubby fingers who punches numbers like on an elevator.
The exam proved to be exactly the same, 3 hours of finger numbing calculations.
So in the aftermath of it, i made a Buzz statement, "MoS-tly Mistakes"

And that set the wheels into motion...

One discussion led the another and the comments just stacked up...The first 24 hours saw all of some 30 comments, the next 2 hours saw about 100...

Long story short, final count stands at 494 comments...

Here is an excerpt from it before Google themselves cut it off!!!

Arpit Srivastava - We reach closer to the mark..the upper limit...the threshold...which many claim is the highest an ordinary man may ever be able to go.

Will we make it past 500 comments and go on till we at last perish? Or will we be detained at the 500th mark? I know not...

But what we do know...what we do believe that the journey till here along with each and everyone of the fellow buzzers was a memorable cherish for decades to come. Perhaps, we will talk about it one day, while we sit in our armchairs, watching our beautiful grandchildren play, living in a world, hopefully some how, indirectly made better by the hard work put into this buzz.

We might pen it down in our autobiographies, as a reminder of the childish things we did in our youth, when we were still not quite ready to enter this world despite our intellect, for generations afterwards to visualize and recreate.

Now, let us hold our heads up straight and walk along the path we have chosen...a path which from some might conclude that we have strayed the right path...

Yes, we have strayed from the path...with the hope that we would be able to carve a new path in this solid wall of rock that hinders our passage, for our generations to come to follow....and lead a better life.

Do remember this buzz, whenever you feel you have forgotten all about your days in college...your days as a student at BITS...

Never Forget -

Once a BITSian, Always a BITSian

Hold this close to your heart...and keep safe. This is yours and yours alone...

Let us plod on fellow buzzers!

=)3:28 pm

Vineet Dhanawat - 1 (3:30pm)

Vineet Dhanawat - 1 (3:30pm)

Vineet Dhanawat - 1 (3:30pm)

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