Monday, February 14, 2011

This Lub-Dubbing thing is beyond any applied science!

The odds are 1:6.

No, these aren't the odds of the Netherlands winning against Australia in the Cricket world cup(no offence to the Dutch). These are the odds of sighting a girl in an engineering college in India. Now, if you decide to apply certain filters to this, then the chances of sighting anything plunges to an astonishingly small value.

Engineers are angels, in a manner of speaking. Let's face it, engineers have alone created more than three quarters of the jobs(conservative estimate) in the world since the industrial revolution. They've mastered construction(bridges are one of the most important economic assets of a nation), shrunk distances(anyone wants to share a cab to the airport on the 25th?), changed the way we eat(cheese isn't microwave friendly), the way we communicate(hey, gg man, ftw!) and have even made family entertainment ever so easy(all you need is a 5.1 Channel Surround sound home theatre system, a full HD 1080p screen, in a wood panelled room, the latest Blu-Ray version of your favourite movie, a Blu-Ray compatible reader and a family sized couch, not to mention, very deep pockets). Rising pollution levels and industrial accidents are only two small ways in which engineers contribute to the steady supply of the ill and the injured to the doctors. Engineers are the ultimate problem solvers and so it can be said with confidence that there are no fields in which the engineers have not made their presence felt.

Or is there?

A closer look may reveal that, these awesome problem solvers are yet to crack a very essential riddle, which students of liberal arts, humanities and commerce usually have it figured out in varying levels(the failure to figure this riddle out may be the reason that they are forced to indulge in self-help). Could it be that the selfless solving of the problems of the world for a living, may have left them too exhausted to give this particular problem, concerning themselves, a sincere try? And even if you venture an attempt, what algorithm is it supposed to be based on? And if Darwinism is to be believed, then aren't the fittest(read: geeks) supposed to be the alpha male?

As every engineer ponders over these issues today, here's wishing everyone out there, a Happy Valentines Day!

(PS- I think Bajrang Dal comprises of engineers who have given up on ever solving this riddle :) )