Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dedicated to...

The American dollar bills carry a statement. It says, quite simply, IN GOD WE TRUST.

Sometimes, when a lot of people trust and expect so much from you, it is very easy to wilt and wither and become lost. No salute is large enough for a man who has carried the weight of expectations of a billion people for over two decades and yet managed to not just survive, but etch his name into the books as the greatest individual to have embraced the sport.

There are kilometers of newspaper columns dedicated to the Little Master, tonnes of books about him and several hundred hours of footage on his brilliance...Yet he remains the same aggressive and ridiculously prodigious master batsman who even after two decades in the Indian team, remains the most prized wicket for the opposition. In fact, he was the most treasured wicket for the Indians too.

For almost twenty years now, the entire Indian team has been built around Tendulkar. Generations of cricketers have played and barely even suggested the survival instincts of Sachin. The game changed and Sachin adapted to change with it. His best efforts were always there to be seen. But he never had the team to aide his efforts. For twenty years in Indian cricket, it was always Sachin and the rest of the team.

Twenty years...

2nd April, 2011, Sachin was there, and the team he had always wanted was there too.

This cup is for you Sachin.


  1. Virat Kohli: He has carried our country for 21 years...It is time we carry him

  2. I say, "way to go Adi!!!!" You have very eloquently echoed what must be in millions of Indian's minds.