Friday, April 8, 2011

To Put it this way...

Most of my friends are not Tamil speakers. So it isn't entirely their fault that they find this song very catchy and love dancing to it.

Not exactly dancing but more of exaggerated pelvic thrusts and non-coordinated hand movements. The feet seem frozen and if they do move, by all means they will remain within a square meter of where they originally were(Credits: Sohag Sen).

But they love dancing to this song.

It is a strange song. Its lyrics are weird and hilariously suggestive. But even I have got to admit that there is an element of likeability in it.

For the benefit of the non-Tamil speaking populace, here is a opening section of the song roughly translated for you.

Appidi Podu Podu Podu, Asathi Podu Kannale
Put like that, put, put, Put with you eyes

Ippdi Podu Podu Podu, Izhiti Podu Kaiyale
Put like this, Put, Put, Stretch and put with your hands

So guys and girls, next time you dance with all those pelvic thrusts, please pause to remember this article.

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