Saturday, March 5, 2011

Aarakshan Soochna

One of the greatest obstacle that we face in our country today is the prevalence of the caste system.

The archaic and (in every context since the ~19th century) meaningless system is a crippling disease which no government wishes to acknowledge.

What started as a social classification on the basis on occupation(Caste System in India)has turned into a ridiculous basis for discrimination. Long gone was the time when we realised its worthlessness and regrouped ourselves once again along the lines of our work, irrespective of colour, religion or genetic make up.

Reservations should be only in modes of travel and theatres. If the deprived classes need higher education, isn't the way forward to provide quality early education and prepare for the higher courses? Or is it to provide a direct ticket to the centres of upper learning and hope that the ticket holder will catch up once there?

Mr. Arjun Singh was central to this debate.

He is dead now(God bless his near ones)...but not many will forget his last years.
If I were his family, I wouldn't donate his body to anyone in the AIIMS. Doctors are vicious avengers.


St. Peter(SP): Why should i let you through the pearly gates?
Arjun Singh(AS): Cos I am Arjun Singh...
SP- Sorry then, you are not meritorious enough to enter...
AS-What? There is not quota?

and a few days later, seen on NDTV 24-Heaven,
Arjun Singh announces new reservation policy for entering heaven.
Recently deceased members of Gujjar communtiy, meanwhile have blocked the clouds leading upto heaven demanding their classification into such a class.

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