Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dear Roger

Much like Santa Claus is the ultimate source of joy for kids, you have provided me endless joy since 2005 when I first started watching tennis. The sheer elegance of you small stepping across the ball to hit an inside out forehand winner in the hallowed Centre Court is almost as if out of a ballet. The precision of the ace you hit to win the Wimbledon 04 final was almost unreal. And if tennis is difficult to play, then it is because you make it look so easy.

You represent so many qualities. Perfection, perseverance, hard-work, level headedness, politeness, humility and importantly, good sportsmanship. And over time, I have tried to imbibe these qualities in me as well. It wouldn't be too much to say that anyone would have come a long way if they became half as much as a person you are.

I stood beside you with several others when you awe inspiringly won so many matches. I witnessed you raise in your arms so many trophies and clapped hard on each one of your "Come On!" moments. I also spent hours agonising over those few moments that sprawl the what if questions and silently suffered when you did.

Therefore, this is to say that(at least for me)

Roger Federer Forever...


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