Saturday, March 19, 2011

Aisa Kaisa Paisa?

Vijay Mallya
Net worth: $1.4 Billion [source:]
The undisputed king of good times.
Popular for lavish parties, swimsuit calenders, beer, RCB, Force India and via his son, Deepika Padukone[If you don't know her then I suggest you review your sexuality, and then click here]

Mukesh Ambani
Net Worth: $27 Billion
Mere Baap ka Sapna, Sabka maal apna
Gave his wife a corporate jet for her birthday, an IPL team for playing auction-auction and an ugly power sucking building in South Mumbai.
Lakshmi Mittal
Net Worth: $26.1 Billion
Sab maa chahein ki unka damaad Lakshmi ho.
His daughters sangeet had SRKs performance and he own three on UKs most expensive properties.

And they say money can't buy you happiness.
Agreed, it cannot buy you true love, mom-made food anywhere in the world or a wholesome family.
But it can buy you the most comfortable bed in the word, it can buy you the chance to witness any spectacle natural/manmade, it can buy you the most desirable ride and in emergencies, the best medical care available. It can even buy you good will if you donate for a worthy cause though I'd rather one donates out of genuine concern rather than a personal CSR initiative.

Money isn't everything, yet everything these days come with a price.
Women want guys with a good sense of humour, but what good is the sense of humour if you cant feed her at least twice a day? You cannot say to her at dinner time that you've made her a joke, can you?

I want money, and tons and tons of it. I don't want it so that I can swim in it[Scrooge McDuck, Net Worth: One multiplujillion, nine obsquatumatillion, three hundered and twenty three dollars and sixty-two cents], but I wouldn't say no to a private yacht. I will not obtain it by crook, but if necessary, I'll yank all the hooks to get some.

Oh AdSense...Now there is a hook!

This is a response...not just a mere thought...