Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bend in the Rhine

I am not much of a liar     
I usually am never stressed out..
No parts of wood I have,
'cept Pinocchios nose no doubt...

It makes me concious, yes...
It is rounded, hence pointless...

Yes, I've had it for a while...
No, I didn't smash my face on a tile....

Then what is it, ask some..
'tis a deviated nasal septum..

Hey, Dumbledore had a crooked nose too... :)


  1. Hey nice way to tell the world you literally breathe through just 1 nostril.. :P me having it too.. :x :x

  2. :P
    rhinoplasty is a way out...but ud become surgically altered...

  3. Awesome blog man. Fun to read yet intellectual and witty. And btw Dumbledore broke it in a fight, which makes it a lot different than being born with it.

  4. thanks..but dumbledore is liked right?
    tats what i ask for... :)

  5. nicely written, u r liked too! arent you?